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01 Travel Documents

Make sure that you have all your valid travel documents such as your passport, visa, identification card, flight ticket and means of payment, a few days before your journey starts.

Your airline, tour operator or travel agency will inform you about visa requirements of your destination. Visa applications have to be submitted to the embassy of the country to which you will be travelling. Each passenger is personally responsible for complying with that country's entry entry and exit regulations. Please pay attention to special requirements concerning children.

02 Maps

Map of the terminal building providing an excellent overview of the friendly setting, selection of shops and extensive range of restaurants. Salzburg Airport has its own motorway connection on the junction of the A1 / A10 and lies only 4 km from the city centre and 2 km from the German border.

03 Tax Refund

When leaving a country or the European Union, show your purchases, receipts and passport to customs officials and have your Global Refund Cheques validated.
Collect your refund in cash at our nearby Cash Refund Office or send the cheque to Global Refund for a bank cheque to be sent to your home address or credited directly to your credit card.

For goods which you are carrying in your hand luggage, you will find the tax refund desk “U-34 Zoll/Customs” in the Heinemann Duty Free Shop at Salzburg Airport..

For goods in your checked luggage, the tax refund desk is situated in the check-in hall (Terminal 1).
For passengers on charter flights (e.g. to Russia), the “U-34 Zoll/Customs” desk is at the “bulky items” desk (Terminal 1). The confirmation will be provided only if Salzburg is your final airport before departing the EU.



04 Travelling with Pets

Pets weighing no more than 5 kilos (in a well-ventilated, waterproof holder) may travel in the cabin. Pets over 5 kg must travel in the hold, with the passenger required to provide an appropriate container for transportation. In general, there are additional fees for transportation of animals.Travelling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU Pet Passport, available from any vet. You can transport cats and small dogs in the cabin in a pet holder made for that purpose. Bigger dogs must be handed over at the bulky luggage desk in a sufficiently large pet crate.

All cats and dogs must have a passport containing details of a valid rabies vaccination.

When booking a flight, inform your travel agency that you intend to take along an animal. Please contact the office of your veterinarian to ensure before starting your journey that your pet meets the latest travel requirements.

The pet has to be booked as well. Not every airline accepts animals. For example, some airlines will not allow small rodents (rabbits, chinchillas etc.). All pets must have the European Pet Passport. Certain countries require additional documents for the animal (health certificate, anti-rabies inoculation).

Further information on Entry and re-entry of pets from third countries to Austria

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