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01 Before Travelling

Ask your doctor if you are medically fit for air travel. Please inform your airline, travel organiser or travel agent of the type of assistance you will need when you make your booking, and no later than 48 hours before your departure. Specify the degree to which your mobility is restricted. The respective airline will take care of all services such as your luggage, escort or special dietary needs and will inform the airport handling agent in advance.

If you have vision problems and are traveling alone, the local staff will also help you e.g. with filling out forms. If you still need assistance please let the airline staff know at check-in, talk to the information desk or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Please ask your travel agency or your airline about specific regulations, e.g. EU vaccination certificate for companion dogs. Pets must have a EU Pet Passport.

There are seven international ratings to help passengers self-assess their need for assistance:

Level of Assistance Self-Assessment
WCHR (wheelchair ramp) Passenger can walk short distances and can walk up and down stairs
WCHS (wheelchair steps) Passenger can walk short distances but cannot walk up and down stairs
WCHC (wheelchair cabin seat) Passenger cannot walk independently and cannot walk up and down stairs
DEAF (deaf passenger) Passenger is hearing impaired
BLND/DEAF (blind & deaf passenger Passenger has impaired vision and hearing
DPNA (disabled passenger needing assistance) Passenger with intellectual or developmental disability


02 How to get to Salzburg Airport

The city No. 2 city bus, which runs between the airport and the railway station, offers free transport of wheelchairs and is (mostly) equipped with a wheelchair ramp. 

You will find accessible parking spaces both on the P1 short-term parking area and in the multi-storey car park next to the exit between stairway C and D.

All stairways are equipped with large lifts especially for wheelchairs. All parking spaces for the disabled are marked with the easily recognisable international symbol. The handicapped-accessible parking spaces at the short-term P1 car park are located parallel to the covered walkway.

03 Mobility Service

You can contact us at 3 pick-up points if you will need any special help. You can find the exact location on the terminal map.

  • At Check-In
    At the check-in desks, our staff will welcome you and provide you with any assistance you need until you have boarded the aircraft. All other special services required by the passenger before departure are arranged here. Because not all disabilities are immediately apparent, it is advisable to remind the staff at the check-in desk of any restrictions you may have. This will ensure that your personal needs are taken into account during your trip.
  • Sanitary Facilities
    You will find barrier-free toilets and washrooms in the check-in hall, departure hall and in the restaurant area on the first floor, which you will be able to reach using the specially equipped lift. You can find the exact location on the terminal map.
  • Medical Services and First Aid
    Situated on the 1st floor of Terminal 1 (take the elevator located in the check-in area).  

04 Arrivals: Pick-Up by Mobility Services

After landing, our airport staff will bring you from the aircraft to the arrivals hall at Salzburg Airport. Please provide advance notice if you require this assistance, either to the travel operator when booking your flight or to the airline, and no later than 48 hours before departure.