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General Refurbishment of the Runway in 2019

Shortly, we will start with the refurbishment of our 60 year old runway. Starting April 24th at 00:01, the runway will be closed for air traffic and preparations for the construction site will be made. In the morning, the first cuts will be made in the 30 cm thick concrete pavement, allowing controlled cracking of the surface. At the same time the runway lights and old technical equipment will be dismantled. The construction works will last until May 28th 2019.

  • 1st layer:    April 29th – May 3rd
  • 2nd  layer:  May 4th – May 7th
  • 3rd layer:   May 8th-May12th
  • 4th layer:   May13th- May 17th

While applying the fourth layer, the asphalting works will start and the first drilling works will take place to allow installing the more modern LED runway lights. From May 16th until May 19th the top layer will be treated with high pressure water jets to get rid of the sticky layer of bitumen.
From May 20th – May 22nd the new asphalt runway the required markings are applied. In addition the edges of the runway will be planted. From May 22nd until May 28th are reserved to give the runway its finishing touches, since the general contractor must have accomplished his work by May 22nd.  What follows then are on-site-inspections, tests and instructions. The final official negotiations will take place May 27th or 28th and finally the construction site will be closed. The security areas will be restored, the new asphalt runway will be put into operation and will be prepared for the first landing on May 29th 2019.

Please note: The self service RESTAURANT on the 1st floor will be open from 07:30 am to 04:00 pm, except from May 2nd to May 5th. 

Facts and Figures
  • Construction time from 6:00 am until 10 pm, ancillary works during the night time possible
  • In case of delays (for instance bad weather) night work is possible
  • The old concrete layers are used as a foundation for the new runway, which saves about 4000  truckloads of demolition materials
  • 120.000 tons of asphalt will be built into the structures with a maximum per day of 8.000 tons
  • 80 – 100 trucks will be in permanent use
  • During the asphalting works a truck will enter the construction site every 3 minutes
  •  About 200 construction workers will be occupied at the site
  • 22.000 m³ of earth will be moved
  • 140 km of high voltage cable and 45 km of low voltage cable will be laid
  • About 1000 inset lights will be built in the structure using state-of-the-art LED-technologie
  • 20 asphalt rollers will compress the various layers
  • 16 km of electricity ducting

Today´s runway 15/33 was concreted in May 1960. Since then, almost 60 have passed. Over the past years, the runway had to be partly renovated over and over again, causing enormous costs. In 2015 we started with preparation works for the general refurbishment of the runway.
Since the construction site on the “landside” does not need any temporary appliances, there will not be many security measures required. The complete closure of the airport allows a higher quality of execution and a longer use of the new runway. Besides, the chosen method of refurbishment helps protect the neighbors from noisy works.
The general refurbishment does not include any displacement of the runway or changes of the actual flight routes (these can only be advised by flight control). The length of the new runway and all the taxiways will not be changed either.

Should you have any questions concerning the refurbishment of the runway, please do not hesitate to contact us: p2ShnJIlqJ5aDUAuoUcvqKWaYJScpaOipaDhLKD=