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The Citizens' Council

Salzburg Airport has a citizens' council named BBFS (BürgerInnenbeirat Flughafen Salzburg) since 30 June 2014.

Members and Tasks

Membership of Citizens' Council Salzburg Airport (BBFS) consists of representatives of the surrounding communities in Salzburg and Bavaria, the “Salzburg Airport” and Rupertiwinkel neighborhood associations”, airport owners of Salzburg City and Salzburger Land, airlines, Austro Control and Salzburger Flughafen GmbH.
The BBFS is provided assistance by a professional moderation team from Switzerland. Proposals and recommendations of the BBFS must be addressed and responded to promptly by the executive board of Salzburger Flughafen GmbH.


The expressly declared goal of BBFS is to ensure that Salzburg Airport is operated in a way that balances the interests of all parties concerned whilst being acceptable to the affected population and taking into account the environmental concerns.
The results of the work of the BBFS are reported by the members back to their respective delegating organisations.