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Car Parks

In the immediate vicinity of Salzburg Airport there are numerous parking areas (see map). There is a total of 1,921 roofed parking spaces on 7 floors in the parking garage. Up to additional 1,366 parking spaces can be reached in less than 5 minutes walking distance from the terminals. 

As soon as you arrive at the airport, you can choose whether to leave your vehicle in an outdoor parking area (short-term parking P1 and P2, long-term parking P3 and P7) or in the 7-storey parking garage.

Parking Lot No. of Parking Spaces
Parking P1 85
Parking P2 50
Parking P3+3A 1,339
Parking Garage P4 1,921
Parking P5 70 buses or 155 cars
Parking P7 52 

Electric Recharging Stations

You'll find 6 electric recharging stations in our parking garage, 2 stations on the ground level section E, and 4 on Level 3 section C. Recharging stations may be used for free, though regular parking fees will apply.

Payment Method

You can pay cash or with credit card / cash card at our Info desk in the check-in hall. Furthermore, eight payment machines are available around the clock.

Info Desk, Car Parks, Pay Stations

Overview of parking areas and pay stations

Overview of car parks and pay stations at Salzburg Airport.