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E-Charging Stations (from 01.01.2023)P4P7
Electricity costs per hour€ 2,15€ 2,15
Settlement fee per charging process€ 2,20€ 2,20

* 1 hour = 60 minutes from the start of charging
All tariffs in euros incl. 20% VAT

Terms and Conditions for the Use of E-Charging Stations at Salzburg Airport

of Carport Parkmanagement GmbH, Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 95, 5020 Salzburg (hereinafter referred to as “CAR”)

Kindly take note of the Liability Provision in section 6. 

In addition to this Document, the "Parking Conditions" (“Einstellbedingungen”) and - for Customers who have purchased their parking ticket online – the "Terms and Conditions for Online Parking" (“AGB für Onlineparken”), as well as the "Data Protection Notice for Parking" (“Datenschutzmitteilung für das Parken”) apply in all cases. All Documents are available at 

In case of contradictions between the aforementioned Documents and this Document “Terms and Conditions for the Use of E-Charging Stations at Salzburg Airport”, this Document shall prevail.

1. Subject of the Contract

This Contract regulates the provision of charging stations for electric vehicles (“e-charging stations”) on behalf of CAR on the applicable CAR parking areas at Salzburg Airport against payment. 

2. Contract formation

A Contract is formed by activating the e-charging station with any technical means whatsoever. The Customer may activate the e-charging station by choosing from two methods: The Customer may activate the e-charging station at one of the e-selectors via a parking ticket or permanent parking card OR by entering their vehicle registration number at one of the e-selectors. By activating the e-charging station, the Customer also accepts this Document “Terms and Conditions for the Use of E-Charging Stations at Salzburg Airport” as well as the currently applicable fees for e-charging stations as specified at In case the charging operation starts without activating the e-charging station due to any reason, the Contract is formed at the latest when the charging operation starts. 

3. Scope of performances and malfunctions

By activating the e-charging station, the Customer gains the right to charge their electric vehicle against payment, while also duly considering the instructions displayed at the e-charging station. The use of the e-charging stations is subject to their availability which is not guaranteed and is not given in the following circumstances: maintenance works, technical malfunctions (power outage, etc.), obstruction of access to the e-charging station (e.g., driveway blockage by other users), etc.

Charging capacity is limited to max. 4.6 kWh. This maximum capacity cannot be guaranteed and might be lower at any time.

Malfunctions, damages or improper use of e-charging stations must be reported via phone call to the CAR information centre: 0043 662 8580 7911.

4. Obligations of the Customer

When performing the charging operation, the instructions displayed at the charging station and the following rules must be observed:

The electric vehicle must be parked properly on the parking space. The Customer is obliged to use the e-charging station in such a way that no damage occurs and that they themselves or others are not endangered. The Customer is therefore especially obliged (i) to ensure a secure connection of the electric vehicle with the e-charging station, (ii) to use an undamaged and CE-compliant cable with suitable and secure plugs, (iii) to park the electric vehicle in such a way that the connection to the e-charging station is as short and secure as possible, (iv) to ensure that third parties are not obstructed by the charging cable. The Customer is liable for compliance with the applicable technical regulations regarding the vehicle and the charging cable. All applicable electrotechnical protection regulations must be respected. The Customer shall take all precautions to avoid accidents or damage within their sphere of responsibility, e.g., those that may occur due to interruptions in the charging operation or due to reconnections (especially when using adapter devices, etc.).

Moreover, the Customer is obliged to remove the vehicle from the parking space of the e-charging station immediately after the end of the charging operation. The maximum permitted parking time on a parking space of an e-charging station is 48 hours.

5. Remuneration, billing, and payment methods

CAR is entitled to payment of a remuneration for every charging operation. The amount of the remuneration is agreed with the Customer for every charging operation. The CAR’s currently valid tariffs for e-charging stations as specified at apply. Parking fees or usage fees for waiting and parking of the vehicle on the CAR parking areas are not included in the respectively applicable tariff for e-charging stations.

The remuneration agreement for a single charging operation is formed as the Customer accepts the “Terms and Conditions for the Use of E-Charging Stations at Salzburg Airport” when activating the e-charging station. The Customer simultaneously accepts CAR’s currently valid tariffs for e-charging stations as specified at If, for any reason, no remuneration agreement can be reached and the Customer charges their vehicle nevertheless, CAR is entitled to an adequate remuneration. The currently valid tariffs as specified at shall apply as a guideline. 

The charging operation to be billed starts when the charging cable is plugged in and ends when the charging cable is correctly unplugged. The billing always comprises the actual amount of electricity charged, based on the measurements of CAR’s system.

The billing of the charging operations proceeds as follows:

Customers with a regular parking ticket: Upon validation of the parking ticket at the automatic pay station, the remuneration for the charging operation is automatically billed and must be acquitted before exiting the parking area.

Customers with a permanent CAR parking card: The remuneration for the charging operation is invoiced in writing and is due for payment within 10 days of receipt. Any costs incurred by the transfer are at the Customer’s expense. 

In case of default of payment by the Customer, CAR may charge default interest to Consumers (“Verbraucher”) within the meaning of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG) pursuant to Article 1000(1) of the Austrian General Civil Code (ABGB), and to Entrepreneurs (“Unternehmer”) pursuant to the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB) Article 456. In addition, reminder fees in the amount of EUR 6.00 shall be charged to Consumers or pursuant to Article 458 of the Austrian Commercial Code (UGB). Any additional costs necessary for extrajudicial collection measures and return fees, provided that these are necessary for the collection in question, shall also be charged. In the event that a collection agency or a lawyer are commissioned, the actual costs incurred shall be charged in the amount resulting from the respectively applicable ordinance, the permissible fees for collection agencies and the respectively applicable lawyer's tariff.

The Customer shall not be entitled to set off any counterclaims against CAR, unless CAR has expressly acknowledged such counterclaims in writing. 

6. Liability

The parking of the electric vehicle at the e-charging station and the charging operation are at the risk of the Customer. CAR shall not be liable for any damage caused by the unavailability of e-charging stations, reduced charging capacities or misuse by third parties or the Customer themself.

To the extent that liability is based on fault, CAR shall be liable, with the exception of personal injury, only in cases of intent and gross negligence. CAR's liability for consequential damages, loss of profit and indirect damages is excluded. CAR shall not be liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by force majeure. 

The Customer is liable for all damages caused by themself, their agents or accompanying persons to CAR, its employees or other users. 

Any damage incurred to parking facilities, the e-charging devices or other vehicles by the user must be reported immediately and before exiting the parking area to the information centre (“Infocenter”) in the departure area of Salzburg Airport terminal (phone: 0043 662 8580 7911). This also applies to any damage incurred to the Customer's own vehicle.

7. Miscellaneous

Austrian law shall apply. For all legal disputes arising from this Contract, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is agreed to be the respective competent court in the city of Salzburg, zip code 5020, Austria, unless the Customer is a Consumer within the meaning of the Austrian Consumer Protection Act (KSchG).

In case of any misunderstandings, contradictions or legal disputes resulting from these Terms and Conditions, the German language version of this Document shall prevail.