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General Check-in Information

You will require the following to check in: your ID card or valid passport, your flight ticket and a visa (may be required depending on your destination). You will then hand over all your luggage, except carry-on, and receive a boarding pass.

Online & Mobile Check-in

Save time queuing at the airport - use the web check-in. Print out your boarding pass and present it to the boarding pass inspectors at the airport. Please observe any regulations specified by your airline. If you have hold luggage, it must be checked in beforehand at the designated counters. Your airline will provide you with further information if necessary.

Austrian Aer Lingus British Airways
easyJet Eurowings
Lufthansa Ryanair Transavia
Turkish Airlines    

Salzburg Airport Services

easy check-in

Phone: +43 662 8580-251
E-Mail: p2SmYaOup3ANp2SfrzW1pzpgLJylpT9lqP5uqN==

The S.A.S check-in starts two hours before take-off for scheduled flights. The check-in for charter flights also two hours prior to take-off, sometimes earlier if needed.  Please check the check-in closing time as published by your airline, e.g.

  • 60 min before departure at Turkish Airlines
  • 45 min before departure on British Airways
  • 40 min before departure for most low-cost airlines eg. easyJet, Eurowings,, Ryanair, Transavia
easy check-in

Austrian & Lufthansa

Austrian and Lufthansa Check-In

Phone: +43 5 1766-1084

Check-in (desks 11-13) for regularly scheduled flights with Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa generally starts 90 min. before departure. First check-in time is at 05:05 am.

Final Check-In:

  • Business Class: 30 min before departure
  • Economy Class: 45 min before departure
  • For charter flights with Austrian Airlines the desk opens 2 hours before take off, beginning at 04:05 am.
Austrian and Lufthansa Check-In