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Luggage is limited in weight and size!

Luggage allowances vary from airline to airline and depend on the class, elite status, type of ticket, flight origin and destination. You will find the correct information on your flight confirmation and on the website of the booked airline. In general, excess baggage and special items can be carried for an additional fee.

Golf bags, surfboards, bicycles, diving gear etc. are classified as bulky luggage and should be registered when booking the ticket. Airlines calculate various fees for bulky luggage, which have to be paid at the check-in desk. As soon as the bulky luggage has been checked in, you can take it to the bulky items conveyor belt in the check-in hall where it will be transported to the aircraft by our staff. 

Please make sure that each piece of luggage is well packed, with a label securely attached and clearly visible (including destination and home address). Salzburg Airport provides you with luggage trolleys free of charge to help you transport your bulky luggage. 

If your luggage is damaged or lost, please go to the Lost & Found counter of your airline in the arrival hall.

Generally, you may only take one piece of cabin baggage on board. You may not carry any sharp objects like scissors, nail files, razor blades, knifes etc. Any such item should be placed in your check-in luggage. Please consult the precise security regulations for your hand luggage

Prams and baby buggies can be handed over to the ground staff next to the aircraft steps. Simply notify your airline at check-in.