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Portal Air Transport Levy

According to the Austrian „Federal Act Introducing an Air Transport Levy" (Flugabgabegesetz) §10 (3 and 4) the owner of an aircraft is obligated to report a summary of the respective data for each calendar month to the Ministry of Finance as well as to the owner of the airport.

The aircraft owner has to transmit the report to the owner of the airport from which the departure took place no later than the 15th day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which the “Departure Tax” liability accrued.

In order to assist the airlines and aircraft owners to fulfill this obligation, Salzburg Airport is providing the following web-portal:

Air Transport Levy

Users without log-in data, please refer to our General Aviation handling office M2SwDUAuoUcvqKWaYJScpaOipaDhLKD=.