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VFR Flights

Please assist us in our efforts to reduce aircraft noise to a minimum in order to eliminate offense and complaints amongst the local population.

Austro Control GmbH

The air traffic organization Austro Control (ACG) Salzburg with AIS/ARO, TWR and APP is located in the tower building.

Opening Hours:

AIS/ARO: 8 am —  5 pm local time
TWR/APP: 5:45 am —  11 pm local time

Contact Austro Control:

Phone: +43 5 1703 6555 (within airport area 04 6554 and 04 6555)
Fax: +43 5 1703 6556
E-Mail: LJymYzkiq3ANLKImqUWiL29hqUWioP5uqN==


Just as at all airports located near a city, the residents in the vicinity of Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart are also particularly affected by aircraft noise. Please help us to limit complaints to a minimum! Pilots are requested to fly the SID precisely.

Salzburg Airport provides a modern flight information capture system which registers all approaches and departures. Noticeable deviations from IFR will be reported to your airline.

Contact: LJymYzkiq3ANLKImqUWiL29hqUWioP5uqN==


Aviation Weather and Meteorological Services for Pilots
  • Phone (from Austria): 0900-979703 (charges apply)
  • Phone (from Germany): 0900-179-1703 (charges apply)
Individual or Private Weather Information
  • Phone: 0900-548700 for non-aviation information (charges apply)

Home Briefing

Get briefed — take off! Perform your entire flight preparation on the Internet. Enjoy this comfort at any time and from anywhere!
With the help of the home-briefing service provided by Austro Control, pilots can obtain all the information they need to conduct a flight. Worldwide via Internet and at all Austrian and Swiss Airports. For any questions please contact the help desk:

  • Help Desk: Phone +43 5 1703 3211 


Austro Control Home Briefings

Fuel Service

Salzburger Fuelling GmbH
+43 662 853307

Important information: from now on, JET A-1 kerosene can only be purchased upon presentation of a fuel release from BP or OMV, the presentation of a VALID carnet card from BP or OMV or if there is a valid contract with BP or OMV and this is available to us. Unfortunately, credit card payment is no longer possible.