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Protecting Whistleblowers

According to an EU requirement and the Austrian federal law (RIS - HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetz) Salzburg Airport creates the possibility for customers, employees and suppliers to inform the management of Salzburg Airport about white-collar crime. These references are treated with absolute confidentiality and the anonymity of the whistleblower is guaranteed in all cases and at all times!

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EU Requirement

Whistleblowers Prevent White-Collar-Crime

Fraud, theft, embezzlement and corruption cause annual losses of several millions of euros in the Austrian financial system. In addition to the material damage, the reputation and public image of the companies concerned also suffer.

The reporting of white-collar crime and acts damaging to the company can be made by e-mail at nTyhq2Icp2qyLzIlDUAuoUcvqKWaYJScpaOipaDhLKD=  Disparagement, slander or reprisals against employees or customers are not tolerated in our Group! Deliberately false or deliberately defamatory comments or information do not fit in with our understanding of values.

Whistleblowers who report wrongdoing for ethical and moral reasons are not denunciators! With the help of this information, the constitutional values of our country can be preserved and damage can be kept away from the economy in Austria.

Protection of whistleblowers
Incoming reports are treated as strictly confidential and are not accessible to third parties! The whistleblower must not and will not suffer any disadvantage as a result of his whistleblowing.

Why is filing a report important? 
Rules must be followed everywhere from a legal, social and internal company perspective. Compliance with all laws and regulations is important for a regulated coexistence. Notices help to keep damage away from business enterprises.

What kind of reports can help prevent harm? 
Any information or reports of violations are helpful. Compliance with laws and regulations is part of Salzburg Airport's understanding of honesty, openness and entrepreneurship.

Who in the Group deals with the information and tips received? 
Discretion is ensured by the airport's legal department. All submissions converge there and are handled anonymously and discreetly in accordance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive.