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The security standards are a top priority

The focus of security measures is to ensure the safety of passengers, crews, employees and the protection of aircraft at Salzburg Airport.

Security Centre

The security centre is not only in charge of the employee identity cards, access permits, keys etc., it is also responsible for security operations. It coordinates all VIP arrivals of governmental representatives and ensures appropriate safety and security standards for events taking place at the airport.

The access control systems as well as the video monitoring at the airport are supervised around the clock. In the ecent of an incident, security employees can quickly gain an overview of the situation and take appropriate measures.

Security Control

SECURITAS cares for your security at more than 80 international airports — in world metropolises such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich and Berlin. The service portfolio ranges from access-, passenger- and luggage controls to inspection of travel documents, guarding aircraft, and providing VIP passenger service.


A team of specialists is responsible for providing training to employees of all companies operating at the airport. One important aspect of these training courses is awareness of security issues associated with air travel, ensuring that every employee is sensitised and able to identify possible threats in a timely fashion.