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The colour code for short-term parking e.g. for pick-up is red, while long-term parking is indicated in green.

When the traffic light is red, entry into the respective parking area is not possible. Do not leave any objects visible in the car. Keep the parking ticket safe, do not bend or damage it.

Parking guidance system at each car park

Your search for free parking is facilitated by a coloured guidance system. A display at the entrance to each parking deck indicates how many parking spaces are still available on that level. There are 7 parking levels, indicated by different colours. The stairways are marked with letters from A to E and correspond to the different parking sections. All you need to remember is the colour of the parking level and the section where you are parked, e.g. B / green.

A total of 135 parking spaces are available in the short-term parking areas in front of the terminal building, while long-term parking area P3 and the parking garage P4 have around 3,100 parking spaces.