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Taxis, Car rental and Cach operators

Only taxis with a valid permit for stands at Salzburg Airport are allowed to drive on the taxi lane in front of the terminal. Tour buses, rental or guest vehicles are kindly requested to use parking area P5. The taxi lane is operated by Carport Parkmanagement GmbH. The access agreement is concluded directly with Carport at the Info-Center.

Taxis that do not possess a taxi access permit:

  • tour coaches
  • taxis without valid permit for Salzburg Airport
  • taxis with valid permit, when being driven as rental vehicles
  • rental vehicles and vehicles providin guest transportation (e.g. hotel transfer buses)

have to park at the bus parking area P5. The sections A to C are provided for larger buses (more than 9 seats) and the sections D to G for smaller buses.

On charter Saturdays in the winter season, the entire parking area P5 is reserved for larger buses, the P8 for smaller buses.

In order to be able to drive in and out more easily, it is possible to buy prepaid cards or season tickets. When the card is inserted at the entrance gate, the entry time is coded onto the card. The discounted parking fee is debited to the card upon exiting. Season tickets have to be applied for at the Carport Information Desk before they can be used. They are available either as annual or monthly passes. This allows for autonomous use of the parking facility.

Please observe possible changes to parking terms and conditions in the winter season!