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Parking Rates

Short Term P1 P2
Free exit within 10 min 20 min
1st hour 3.00 2.50
Each additional hour 3.00 2.50
Maximum daily fee* 48.00 27.00


Long Term from 1st May 2021 Garage P4 P3/P7
Free exit within 20 min 20 min
1st hour 2.50 2.50
Each additional hour 2.50 2.50
1 day* 27.00 18.00
2 days* 44.00 36.00
3 days* 57.00 48.00
4 to 8 days* = one week 57.00 48.00
9 to 15 days* = two weeks 79.00 63.00
16 to 22 days* = three weeks 101.00 87.00
Each additional week 22.00 15.00
From the 44th day (7th week) per day 9.00 7.00

*) 1 day = 24 hours starting at entrance time. All prices in Euro incl. 20% revenue tax.
Lost ticket: If the actual parking time can be verified, the amount due must be paid. Otherwise we will charge twice the fee for the first week.

The maximum parking period with ticket is 43 days (6 weeks). Terms and conditions are displayed on site.

Prepaid Cards for Frequent Flyers

Initial prepaiment € 100, then rechargeable. Valid at all parking areas except "Kiss & Fly"

The prepaid parking card is credited with a monetary value and allows you to enter and exit all short-term and long-term parking areas without waiting at the cash machine.
Entry and exit is by means of a touch-free card, which must be held over the scanner of the device in question. When using the prepaid card, your parking fee will be debited automatically from the card. The display at the exit shows the credit you have remaining and the amount deducted. After initial prepayment, you can purchase additional credit at the information desk.


A prepaid parking card is treated like cash and cannot be replaced if lost.

Season Pass Card

Category Platin Card  valid on all short and long term parking areas
€399 / month
Category 2  valid on all long-term parking spaces incl. car park €119 / month
Category 3  valid on all long-term parking spaces excl. car park €66 / month

With a long-term parking card you determine the period of your entrances and exits and park at a reasonable all-inclusive price. The season tickets are also available at the carport information desk in the arrivals hall. The term is unlimited and payment is only possible via SEPA direct debit. Termination only on the last day of the month with 1 month notice. If you pay one year in advance, you will receive 2 months free of charge, but early termination is not possible.

Personal Parking Space

Parking with lock and own transmitter, minimum rental period 6 succesive months €69 / month
Long-term parking card category 2, per card €119 / month
Deposit for transmitter and parking lock €100
Loss of non-contact long-term parking card €12

At purchase 1 year in advance, 2 months are free. No early termination possible.

Kiss & Fly Lane

The exit within the first 10 minutes is free. We charge € 3.50 for every additional 10 minutes. In case the ticket is lost we charge the daily fee.

All prices in Euro including 20% VAT.