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Highly equipped, highly trained!

The Salzburg fire brigade is staffed with highly-trained firefighters. One firefighter is always present even if the airport is not in operation. During regular airport hours of operation between 6am and 11pm, at least one firefighter commander and 8 firefighters are on duty.

Members of the operations, apron and workshop staff make up the team of firefighters. New employees of Salzburg Airport, who in the course of their training will also become members of the fire brigade, need basic fire-fighting skills and must hold a truck driving license. Outstanding professional training is provided at a nearby firefighters’ training centre, while airport-focused training takes place at Salzburg Airport as well at the so-called Hot Fire Training Centre at Vienna Airport. Besides the specialized training in dealing with aviation fuel as well as aircraft-specific equipment, one of the top priorities is to provide firefighters with a foundation of excellent first-aid skills.

Ready for Action

Despite being responsible for multiple job tasks (aircraft handling, workshop duties etc.), firefighters must meet the required reaction time according to the standards of the ICAO, Appendix 14, Chapter 9, which stipulates that an effective fire response must be underway within 3 minutes after the fire alarm has been sounded. In order to meet the required reaction time, efficiency and readiness of assigned emergency staff and equipment are vital factors. Fire drills take place routinely in order to put staff and equipment through their paces.