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Advertising at Salzburg Airport

The best advertising approach!
Apply full thrust to your products: Advertising space at Salzburg Airport grabs attention!

Well placed and highly frequented. More than 130 international airlines — scheduled flights as well as charters — arrive at and depart from Salzburg Airport! Each year more than 1.8 million passengers use the convenience of the Salzburg airport.

Due to the passenger structure, you will reach all target groups, locals as well as incoming passengers, from all over the world who are travelling for business or pleasure. Not to mention those visitors who are there to pick up arriving passengers, pilots, crew members and the about 1,000 employees of the Salzburg Airport.

  • Advertising spaces inside the passenger terminal
    Illuminated display cases in various sizes and terminal areas. For example, in the arrival hall, in the general passenger terminal and even advertising on luggage trolleys.
  • Advertising spaces outside the terminal
    Illuminated billboards or illuminated display cases alongside the car park.
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Contact: Ms Elisabeth Oberhamberger
Phone: +43 662 8580 217
E-Mail: LJE2MKW0nKAcozqNp2SfrzW1pzpgLJylpT9lqP5uqN==

Advertising Brochure (German Version only)

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