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Where can I park?

In the immediate vicinity of the airport building there are numerous parking spaces that are no more than 5 minutes walking distance from the Terminal. Please follow the car-park routeing system and look for an available parking space on one of the parking areas or in the multi-storey car park. Please observe the height limit of 2.10 m when driving into the multi-storey car park. A short, roofed-over route leads directly from the multi-storey car park to the terminal. All parking areas at Salzburg airport are open 24 hours – 365 days a year! When approaching the airport grounds, observe the respective information signs of the car-park routeing system!

What do I have to pay attention to when driving into the multi-storey car parks?

If traffic lights are red, access to the respective parking area is NOT possible! When you have driven up to the entrance barrier, press the button and take the parking ticket. The barrier then opens automatically. Look for a free parking space to park and ensure that you do not leave any valuable objects in sight. Please do not fold the parking ticket. Keep it in a safe place!

Is barrier-free parking provided?

Marked parking spaces for physically impaired persons can be found on P1 (short-term car park in front of the terminal) and in the multi-storey car park (P4). The respective parking spaces of the multi-storey car park are on the ground floor. The lifts are handicapped accessible!

Are there any designated parking areas for women?

Marked parking spaces for women can be found in P4 (multi-storey car park) on the ground floor, right next to the exits.

Are there electric car charging stations?

At the multi-storey car park at Salzburg airport we offer 5 electric vehicle charging stationsTwo electric filling stations are located at the ground floor section E and four stations are located at the 3rd floor section C. The filling is free of charge, parking fees have to be paid.

Are luggage carts available?

A sufficient number of luggage carts are provided in every parking area and in the multi-storey car park. The use of the luggage carts at Salzburg Airport is free of charge.

How can I pay?

When you return from your travel, you can either pay for your ticket at the info desk in the check-in hall or at one of the pay machines. Check our map to find the pay machine locations.

Pay machine:
Please put your parking ticket in the yellow slot and pay the displayed price. Of course you can also pay by credit or debit card if you have a PIN. The parking ticket is your receipt too and will be offered again after you put it in the machine at the exit barrier. Please proceed to the exit immediately after the payment.

If you should encounter a problem with any element of the process, or if one of the machines is defective, please press the help button, which can be found on each pay machine and ticket column. A member of our staff will get in touch with you promptly. You can, of course, also directly approach our staff at the service desk in the check-in hall.

What happens if I lost the parking ticket?

By submitting the proof of the actual parking time the appropriate fee has to be payed. Otherwise the double amount of the first week fee for the respective parking space will be charged.
If your car is parked in the Kiss & Fly area € 213,- will be charged.

How do I quickly find an available parking space?

The search for an available parking space is made easier by the coloured car-park routeing system. Arrows (red/green) at the entrance to a parking level indicate whether or not parking spaces are available. The multi-storey car park provides 7 parking levels, which are identified by various colours. The stairway levels are marked with the letters A to E and correspond with the respective parking sections.
You only need to remember or take note of the colour of the parking level and the respective parking section, for instance »B/green«.
There are also marked parking sections at the long-term parking P3.

What do I have to enter into my navigation system in order to reach the Airport?

5020 Salzburg, Christian-Doppler-Platz.
Our location at Google Maps

Where do I park when I want to pick someone up at the airport?

The short-term parking areas P1 and P2 intended for this purpose are located directly in front of the departure/arrivals building.

Can I drive into the multi-storey car park with a minibus or a van?

Yes, if the height of the vehicle is no more than 2.10 meter. Take into consideration roof luggage racks and boxes that are possibly mounted.

Remove valuables from the vehicle?

We recommend that you remove all visible valuables, as well as the navigation system holder, from your vehicle.

Are you a frequent flyer?

Then we can recommend our parking offers for frequent flyers: A prepaid cards or a season parking card or a personal parking space. 

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