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Heinemann Duty Free

When traveling, Heinemann Duty Free offers you shopping at prices more reasonable than anywhere else. Regardless of your destination - within Austria, Europe or long-haul flights to other continents - all customers pay the same low price for international brands, except Duty Free tobacco products. You can order your goods online before your journey starts as well as store them with us free of charge until your return. In our shop you will also find cheap water for 1 Euro (500ml).

Heinemann Duty Free
Kiosk / Newscorner

We have a wide selection of reading materials!

With over 2,000 different newspapers and magazines to choose from, there is certainly something for you. We also offer tobacco products, books, souvenirs and confectionary goods.
Depending on the situation, our kiosk is only open in the morning.

"Reisewelt" Travel Agency
Outside security checkpoint, Terminal 1
+43 662-850121
closed (opens in 7h)
Monday – Friday: 09:00-13:00 und 14:00-17:00

The "Reisewelt" travel agency at Salzburg Airport is one of the leading last-minute specialists for bargain offers and package deals. Expert advise and top-quality service included.
You also can purchase the Salzburg Card at our office! 


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Outside security checkpoint, Terminal 1
+43 06217 5923210

New Ferdinand Porsche Show-Room at Salzburg Airport! 
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