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Salzburg Airport - Flughafen Salzburg

Wind 7 km/h
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Just take off!
Comfortable. Carefree. Secure.
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+++ Airport closure due to the refurbishment of the runway from 24th April - 28th May 2019 +++ Nonstop from Salzburg to Antalya Berlin SXF Berlin TXL Brussels Burgas Calvi Cologne Corfu Düsseldorf Frankfurt Hamburg Heraklion Hurghada Istanbul Kos London Gatwick London Heathrow London Stansted Olbia Palma Preveza Split Tel Aviv Varna Vienna Zakynthos +++

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Local Time (CET/CEST -1)

approx. 123,000
Icelandic Crown
Reykjavik Keflavik (KEF)
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Reykjavik, Solfar
Reykjavik, Solfar
Reykjavik town
Reykjavik town

Reykjavík is the capital and largest city of Iceland. It it the world's northernmost capital of a sovereign state, and is a popular tourist destination. It is located in southwestern Iceland, on the southern shore of Faxa Bay. 

Reykjavík is believed to be the location of the first permanent settlement in Iceland, which, according to Ingólfur Arnarson, was established in AD 874. Until the 19th century, there was no urban development in the city location. The city was founded in 1786 as an official trading town and grew steadily over the next decades, as it transformed into a regional and later national centre of commerce, population, and governmental activities. It is among the cleanest, greenest, and safest cities in the world. 

Main attractions 
  • Alþingishúsið - the Icelandic parliament building
  • Austurvöllur - a park in central Reykjavík surrounded by restaurants and bars
  • Reykjavík Open Air Museum - Reykjavík's Municipal Museum
  • Blue Lagoon - geothermal spa located near Reykjavík
  • CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art - general information on Icelandic visual art
  • Hallgrímskirkja - the largest church in Iceland
  • Harpa Reykjavík - Reykjavík Concert & Conference Center
  • Heiðmörk - the largest forest and nature reserve in the area
  • Höfði - the house in which Gorbachev and Reagan met in 1986 for the Iceland Summit
  • Kringlan - the second largest mall in Iceland
  • Laugardalslaug - swimming pool
  • Laugavegur - main shopping street
  • National and University Library of Iceland
  • National Museum of Iceland 
  • Nauthólsvík - a geothermally heated beach
  • Perlan - a glass dome resting on five water tanks
  • Ráðhús Reykjavíkur - city hall
  • Rauðhólar - a cluster of red volcanic craters
  • Reykjavík Art Museum - the largest visual art institution in Iceland
  • Safnahúsið, culture House, National Centre for Cultural Heritage
  • Tjörnin - the pond
  • University of Iceland
  • Vikin Maritime Museum - a maritime museum located by the old harbour


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