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Secport Security Services GmbH

The Secport Security Services GmbH was founded on 24 April 2012 as a daughter company of Salzburger Flughafen GmbH.

At the beginning of 2011, the respective legislative authority devolved Austrian airports with the assignment and takeover of security checks as an independent tariff group.


Object of the company

The new company manages the organisation and execution of security services at Salzburg Airport.


Secport Security Services GmbH


legal status

The Secport Security Services GmbH is registered with the provincial court of Salzburg serving as commercial court under the commercial register entry number FN 378128x. The registered offices of the company are located in Salzburg, postal district 5020.


financial standing

The company's capital stock amounts to Euro 100,000


Elements of the society

CEO: Michael GÜNTHER, Obertrum am See


Advisory Board

Günter Oblasser

Elisabeth Kislinger-Ziegler, deputy chairman

Anton K. Bucek

Martin Floss

Norbert Gruber
Rudolf Lipold
Hubert Palfinger