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Press Releases


29th Open Day for Families at Salzburg Airport

If you have children, you know how challenging it can be to shorten the time of waiting for Christmas Eve.

Nikolaus and Krampusse like to „Fly from Salzburg!“

Nikolaus visited Salzburg Airport with his Krampusses

Airport´s Bus Advertisement received Award again

Second place at the Award “Bus of the Year”/ Message “Fly from Salzburg effective/ bus advertisement...

First assignment for winter service team at the airport

Winter service has got its hands full/ surfaces cleared from ice and snow/ teams continually at work/ 20...

12 years of in Salzburg

Operating from Great Britain to Salzburg since 2006/ winter sports guests from 6 British cities/ 170.000...

Family bloggers visit Airport

Airport is side scene of first Austrian family-bloggers´ meeting/ 60 guests at the airport for the first...

New Design for VIP-Lounge

VIP-Lounge modernized to have the same design as the business lounge

VW-subsidiary ŠKODA presents Karoq at Salzburg Airport

ŠKODA chooses eventlocation amadeus terminal 2/ compact SUV Karoq presented/ 150 car dealers arrived in...

Airport-Website celebrates its 20th anniversary

20 years of Salzburg Airport-website/ mobile version since 2008/ received multiple awards since its start in...

Salzburg Airport receives award from easyJet

British Airline awards handling team at Salzburg Airport for the third year in a row/ best performing airport...

Eurowings goes Great Britain!

With the beginning of the winter flight programme, Eurowings is now offering direct flights from Salzburg to...

Last trip for the Air Berlin (chocolate) heart

An era is drawing to a close/ 16 years of Air Berlin at Salzburg Airport/ 15.760 flights operated from...

Airport is preparing for winter season

More than 30 airlines/ new cityflights/ preparations are in full swing/ snow, culture and winter magic attract...

British Airways increases number of flights to London Heathrow

More BA-flights from Salzburg to London Heathrow/ long-haul flights without airport-change/ inexpensive...

Eurowings boosts Salzburg network in Winter 17/18

Eurowings in winter 2017/18 season continues to expand operations from its Salzburg base, including new...

Ryanair Celebrates 15 Years Of Operations In Salzburg And Austria

Ryanair yesterday (5 Apr) celebrated 15 years of operations in Austria.