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At Salzburg Airport two handling agents are responsible for the check-in:



SALZBURG AIRPORT SERVICES, Tel. +43 662 8580-251

The S.A.S check-in starts two hours before take-off for scheduled flights. The check-in for charter flights also two hours before take-off, sometimes earlier if needed. 

Please check the check-in closing time as published by your airline, e.g.

  • 60 min before departure at Turkish Airlines
  • 45 min before departure on British Airways
  • 40 min before departure usually by low cost airlines eg. easyJet, Eurowings, Ryanair
  • 30 min before departure at airberlin, Niki and other airlines

For further information please call +43-662-8580-251

Late Night Check-in (fee € 10,- p.p.) for Niki flights at desk 10 from 6.00 to 9.00 pm


AUSTRIAN & LUFTHANSA, Tel. +43 5 1766-1084

    The check-in (desks 1-4) for scheduled flights with Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa generelly starts 90 min. before departure. First check-in time is at 05:05 am.

    For charter flights with Austrian Airlines the desk opens 2 hours before take off, beginning at 04:05 am.

    Last check-in:

  • Business Class: 30 min. before departure
  • Economy Class: 45 min. before departure

For further information please call +43-5-1766-1084

General Information About Late Nicht Check-in

Ticket and passport are required for the late night check-in! 

Like during normal check-in all passengers travelling have to present themselves personally for security reasons e.g. passenger profiling.


In exceptional cases (e.g. infant sleeping at home) the pre-check-in can be arranged for all family luggage and all boarding passes printed with the boarding pass for the missing passenger to be picked up at check-in next morning until 45 minutes prior departure. No queuing required.

Having completed your Late-Night-Check-In you are kindly asked to remain in the terminal for another 15 minutes to allow your baggage to pass the multi-level baggage security check.


Overnight camping in the terminal building is not permitted due to safety reasons (insufficient lighting, locked emergency exits, no guard).


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