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Our car-park routeing system

Short term parking at Salzburg AirportShort term parking at Salzburg Airport
The parking fees at the airport are subdivided into two main rate groups, the terminal parking and long-term parking rates. The difference between the rates is due to the fact that the maximum day rate for short-term parking always remains the same. In the case of long-term parking, the maximum day rate reduces in accordance with the parking duration.


These categories are marked by a colour code in the external car-park routeing system:

Terminal parking, which applies mainly to short-term parkers, such as those picking up arriving persons, is marked red, and long-term parking is marked green. The external car-park routing system guides you to the nearest vacant parking area of the desired category. The red traffic light indicates that this parking area if full. Only customers with reservations are able to access the long-term parking areas. 

Orientation in the multi-storey car park: the colour for your parking deck is shown in the stairwayOrientation in the multi-storey car park: the colour for your parking deck is shown in the stairway

Multi-storey car park

The multi-storey car park provides 7 parking levels, which are identified by various colours. The parking section is identified by letters.

On the short-term parking areas in front of the terminal building, there are a total of 138 parking spaces available, the P3 long-term parking areas and the multi-storey car park have a total of 3098 parking spaces.

The P3 long-term parking area is divided into sectors from A to L, which makes it easier for you to find your vehicle again after travelling. The lettering is located on the light column of each respective sector.

Guided Parking Tour

Car-park routeing system

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