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Classifying your degree of mobility

To help your airline prepare in advance to meet your needs, it is advisable to inform the airline of the degree to which you are restricted in your mobility when you book your flight. The following international standard terms will help you to categorize your disability:


  • WCHC - Wheel Chair Cabin Seat
    Passenger requires a wheelchair at all times, and also requires assistance inside the aircraft. Passenger has his/her own wheelchair.
  • WCHS - Wheel Chair Steps
    Passenger cannot negotiate stairs, but can walk short distances unassisted.
  • WCHR - Wheel Chair Ramp
    Passenger does not usually require a wheelchair, or requires a wheelchair only for longer distances. Can negotiate short stairways.


Classifying your degree of mobility



  • STCR - Stretcher
    Passenger must be transported in a lying position.
  • BLND - Blind
    Passenger is blind.
  • DEAF
    Passenger with hearing impairment.
    Passenger is deaf and blind.


You need help?

Should you need special help the employees at Salzburg Airport will gladly help you!
Tel. +43 662 8580-143

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