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Services for passengers with reduced mobility

PRM Service at Salzburg AirportPRM Service at Salzburg Airport

Before travelling: Ask your doctor whether you are medically fit for air travel.


Please inform your airline or your travel agency of your disability when you book the trip. That way your needs and wishes (e.g. special food, wheelchair, etc.) can be taken into account. The respective airline will take care of all services such as your luggage, escort or special dietary needs and will inform the airport handling agent in advance.


Rescue Vehicule and Service LiftRescue Vehicule and Service Lift

This will also ensure that the airline is aware of your needs well in advance and that you are expected at the airport by employees who will provide you with assistance according to your needs.

It is advisable to contact the airline on the day before departure to ensure that any requests made when you booked have actually been carried out. Remember to ask as well which terminal to go to and when you should arrive there.

We kindly request that you come to the airport at least 90 minutes before departure for domestic flights, and at least two hours before departure for international flights.
It is also important to contact your airline or travel agency to ask about special regulations or other details, e.g. the certificates of vaccination for dogs. All pets must have the European Pet Passport.

You need Help?

Should you need special help the employees at Salzburg Airport will gladly help you!
Tel. +43 662 8580-143

Getting to the airport and parking spaces for disabled

The city bus line no 2 which runs between the airport and the Railway station offers free transport of wheelchairs and is (mostly) equipped with a wheelchair ramp.


You will find handicapped accessible parking spaces both on the P1 short-term parking areas and in the multi storey car park next to the exit between stairway C and D.

All stairways are equipped with large lifts especially for wheelchairs. All parking spaces for the disabled are marked with the international symbol for the disabled.

The handicapped accessible parking spaces are located at the short stay car park P1 parallel to the covered pathway.

Please observe the price differences between long-term and short-term parking.

Pick-up Points and useful information

You can contact us at 3 pick-up points when you will need any special help. You can find the exact location on the plan of the building.


  • At the Check-In
    At the check-in desks, the staff will welcome you and provide you with any assistance you need until you have boarded the aircraft. All other special services required by the passenger before departure are arranged here. Because not all disabilities are immediately apparent, it is advisable to remind the staff at the check-in desk of any restrictions you may have. This will ensure that your personal needs are taken into account during your trip.
  • Sanitary Facilities
    You will find toilets and washrooms for the disabled in the check-in hall, departure hall and in the restaurant area in the first floor. You can get there in the specially equipped lift. You can find the exact location on the plan of the building.

  • Medical Services and First Aid
    Situated on 1st floor of terminal 1 (take the elevator in the check-in area).  
    Phone +43-662-8580-143

Classifying your degree of mobility

To help your airline prepare in advance to meet your needs, it is advisable to inform the airline of the degree to which you are restricted in your mobility when you book your flight. The following international standard terms will help you to categorize your disability:


  • WCHC - Wheel Chair Cabin Seat
    Passenger requires a wheelchair at all times, and also requires assistance inside the aircraft. Passenger has his/her own wheelchair.
  • WCHS - Wheel Chair Steps
    Passenger cannot negotiate stairs, but can walk short distances unassisted.
  • WCHR - Wheel Chair Ramp
    Passenger does not usually require a wheelchair, or requires a wheelchair only for longer distances. Can negotiate short stairways.

  • STCR - Stretcher
    Passenger must be transported in a lying position.
  • BLND - Blind
    Passenger is blind.
  • DEAF
    Passenger with hearing impairment.
    Passenger is deaf and blind.


You need help?

Should you need special help the employees at Salzburg Airport will gladly help you!
Tel. +43 662 8580 143

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