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Dear Pilots!

In Salzburg, as at many other airports, some surrounding residential areas are particularly affected by noise.


Pilots InformationPilots Information
Please assist us in our efforts to reduce aircraft noise to a minimum in order to eliminate offense and complaints amongst the local population.


We have indicated on chart for VFR flights ( the noise-sensitive populated areas around Salzburg Airport W. A. Mozart. By following the proposed VFR tracks, you will avoid overflying these areas.


Austro Control GmbH

The air traffic organization Austro Control (ACG) Salzburg with AIS/ARO, TWR und APP is located in the tower building.

opening hours:

AIS/ARO: 08:00-17:00 Uhr local time
TWR/APP: 05:45-23:00 Uhr local time


Tel. +43 (0)5 1703 / 6555 (within airport area 04 6554 and 04 6555)
Fax +43 (0)5 1703 / 6556