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Departures Runway 33

VFR / Eastbound and Westbound:

If not otherwise instructed by TWR Salzburg:


Departures from RWY 33 via MARIA PLAIN  shall do a RIGHTturn, but for noise abatement reasons not prior crossing the highway.


For noise abatement reasons departures from RWY 33 to WHISKEY or into Traffic Circuit West (also for GRÖDIG-HALLEIN, SIERRA-ADNET via Traffic Circuit West) have to turn left direct to WHISKEY or into the Traffic Circuit West at latest over the runway end and after reaching safety altitude. The initial climb has to be executed so as to reach the safety altitude at latest over the runway end. If this is not possible the left turn to WHISKEY or into the Traffic Circuit West  has to be performed short before river Saalach (state boundary).



Departures Runway 33