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Carport Parkmanagement GmbH

The involvement of the operators Contipark as a minority shareholder in the business meant that the necessary know how and expertise was guaranteed from the beginning  on the 1st January 2001.


The Carport Parkmanagement has around 4,000 parking spaces ever since operation in its expanded form in June 2006.


Carport Parkmanagement GmbH


Leagl Status

Carport Parkmanagement GmbH is registered with the provincial court of Salzburg serving as commercial court under the commercial register entry number 199272y. It meets the criteria for a small joint-stock company as defined in the provisions of Section 221 Austrian Commercial Code. The registered offices of the company are located in Salzburg, postal district 5020. According to the Articles of Incorporation, the object of the company is to manage parking garages and other parking facilities.

Financial standing

The company manages the parking facilities at Salzburg Airport on the basis of contracts concluded as of January 1, 2001.

The company's capital stock amounts to Euro 100,000 and is held by the following shareholders:
Euro   85,000.00  (85%) Salzburger Flughafen GmbH    
Euro   15,000.00  (15%) Contipark Continentale Parkgaragen GmbH  

Executive director:

  • Erich Foidl, Salzburg

Supervisory Board:

  • Anton K. Bucek, Chairman

  • Michael Kesseler, Deputy Chairman

  • Winfried Wagner
  • Karl Heinz Bohl

  • Norbert Gruber

  • Johann Peter Kopp


Carport Parkmanagement