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Salzburg Airport receives award from easyJet

13.11.2017: British Airline awards handling team at Salzburg Airport for the third year in a row/ best performing airport station in the easyjet route network/ assessment of on-time performance, smooth baggage handling and quality of handling performance on the apron.

For the third time in a row the low cost carrier easyJet awarded Salzburg Airport “best performing airport station”. What is especially important for an airline? On-time performance, a minimum of complaints on the basis of delays and lost luggage, satisfied passengers and efficient handling of the aircraft at the airport. One thing has top priority: “Our aircrafts should depart from the airport without delays!” The handling team at Salzburg Airport has optimally fulfilled these requirements. Therefore Regional Manager Russ Smith presented the award, when he travelled to Salzburg on August 17th 2017.


Salzburg Airport receives award from easyJetSalzburg Airport receives award from easyJet


“Professonial work by an experienced team really pays off! The repeated awarding for the whole handling team and the airport is the result of hard work, because the British definitely have nothing to give away. This award had to be earned. During summer time we handle about 9 easyJet-flights in a week, in winter up to 20 flights. We owe this award to our excellent team”, say Barbara Horner, Station Manager of Salzburg Airport Services and Nico Karres, Manager Ground Handling Services.


easyJet Award for “Best Performance in Turn Success & Shipped Baggage”

The British carrier awards airports for excellent ground handling. The airlines´s success comes from both a fast and professional aircraft handling as well as best quality of services. Beside on-time-performance and quick baggage handling, it is also professionality and security that contribute substantially on the success of the airline.


“Quality and excellent work definitely pay off and should be mentioned! Our ground handling staff as well as the team of our subsidiary Salzburg Airport Services do a great job and the airlines are well aware! I am very proud and would like to congratulate all staff on this award”, rejoices Bettina Ganghofer, Managing Director Salzburg Airport.