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Nikolaus and Krampusse like to „Fly from Salzburg!“

06.12.2017: Nikolaus visited Salzburg Airport with his Krampusses

Krampus is coming! Krampusläufe have a long tradition in Austria. Wenn Krampusses  run and try to drive away winter with their noisy cow bells, this is an experience you will never forget. Krampusse are supposed to keep away the evil. By running the end the old year and make room for a fresh start into the new year. The blessing of the Krampusse is said to prevent harm and bring good luck.


Today, on the 6th of December, Nikolaus and his Krampusse obviously thought that they, too, would enjoy to “Fly from Salzburg!” and visited passengers at Salzburg Airport. Nikolaus arrived at the check-in-terminal together with 3 of his “assistants” to surprise passengers and guests with some sweets. Of course, the staff at the airport received small goodie-bags, as well.