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Verkehrsergebnisse 2015Verkehrsergebnisse 2015

Traffic Results 2015

15.01.2016: 1.828.309 million passengers were handled at Salzburg airport in 2015

The trend is continuing: charter traffic is on decline, scheduled traffic is increasing. 

Positive freight numbers: more air cargo and substitute transports by truck


Despite a lack of snow in the current winter season 2015/16 the past year was a good one for regional tourism. In comparison with 2014, passenger figures rose by 0,5% for the past business year. A double-digit increase in cargo volume also had a positive impact.   


The highlights of the forthcoming summer allow  us to be optimistic and – looking back – especially scheduled traffic has developed satisfactorily.


New in the flight schedule are destinations such as Hamburg with easyJet (four times a week), Oslo with Scandinavian Airlines (Saturdays) as well as an increase in frequencies, f.e. ten weekly flights to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and four daily flights (instead of three) to Dusseldorf with airberlin. Especially our airline partner Turkish Airlines allows us to be optimistic about the future. Due to the improved flight connections to Istanbul, more than 80% of Turkish Airlines-passengers departing from Salzburg go on long-distance flights or continue their trip via Istanbul to a medium-haul destination.


“We are more than content with the business performance of 2015. Air Berlin increased its frequencies to Dusseldorf and is clearly expanding its connections to this important German hub. TUIfly started offering flights to Hannover in December and easJet offers flights from Salzburg to Hamburg, a route which has been very well accepted by passengers. British Airways has not only increased its frequencies to London Gatwick, but also included London-Heathrow and Glasgow to the flight program. Passengers benefit from excellent offers on connecting flights especially to the USA via London Heathrow. Our assumption that there would be a growing tendency towards scheduled flights has proved to be right”, says CEO Roland Hermann.


The focus for the incoming traffic in 2015 was on the flight connections from the European metropolises such as Frankfurt, Vienna, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Cologne, Zurich, Palma de Mallorca, Amsterdam (during the winter season the third alliance in Salzburg: Skyteam) and London (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted).


“The development of the maximum-take-off-weight is especially important for an airport, since this significantly determines the economic success of a company. Thanks to a moderate growth in passenger numbers as well as a slight increase in flight movements (1,1%) the MTOW could be raised to 554.460 tons. In challenging times, this can definitely be seen as a favourable development”, says CEO Karl Heinz Bohl.


Passenger figures: decrease in charter traffic, increase in scheduled traffic

In 2015 1.828.309 passengers were handled at Salzburg Airport, which equals a slight raise of 0,5% compared to 2014. Passenger figures in scheduled traffic increased by 4,6% to 1.381.647. Both, charter outgoing (- 13,4%) and incoming traffic (- 7%) recorded significant declines.


Flight movements: Fewer charter flights

We observe a similar development as far as flight movements are concerned:

A considerable decline in flight movements in charter traffic ( - 9,9% charter incoming, - 8% charter outgoing), in return an increase in scheduled traffic ( +3,4%).


Air Cargo

A positive effect can be noticed both in the volume of air cargo (+ 6,2%, 213.400 kg) as well as the substitute transports via trucks ( + 11%, 11.067.985 kg) in comparison to the previous year.