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Traffic Developments 2008: Economic Crisis sinks passenger volume at Salzburg Airport

05.02.2009: The airport in Salzburg reports a slight decrease in passenger volume for the year 2008.

Aviation was one of the first industries struck by the global economic crisis. Thus Salzburg Airport reports a slight decline in passengers and flight movements.


In 2008, Salzburg Airport handled 1,809,601 passengers, which represents a decrease of 7 % year on year. This result places Salzburg Airport in midfield for European regional airports as far as losses due to the worldwide economic situation are concerned. Passenger volume sank by 10.7 % to 1,059,967 in scheduled traffic. Tourism traffic handled a total of 745,933 passengers, which constitutes a slight decrease of 1.4 %. On the other hand, moderate growth of 3.4 % was reported for the incoming charter segment.

Flight movements Total flight movements for commercial traffic (scheduled and charter) sank slightly by 2.7 % to 21,330. The number of flight movements in scheduled traffic dropped by 4 % to 14,762. In tourism traffic a minimal decline of 0.9 % to 5,635 was registered.

Maximum take off weight
Revenues from flight traffic are determined mainly by the development of the maximum take off weight (MTOW) sums of landing aircraft. This MTOW sank in the reporting year by 9.1 % to 559,025 tons.

More freight, less mail Freight and mail segments at Salzburg Airport reported improved results compared to 2007. The handled volume of freight, including trucking, increased by 3 % to 8,135.3 tons. Air freight volume rose by 20.3 % to 234.5 tons, trucking went up by 2.6 % to 7,900.9 tons. The total of handled airmail amounted to just over 0.2 tons.