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Traffic Developments 2007

28.01.2008: Salzburg Airport is Austria’s biggest and most important provincial airport. More than 1.9 million passengers utilized our services in 2007 making this past fiscal year the most successful yet in the Salzburg Airport’s long history.

People choose Salzburg Airport owing to the fact that the most important European destinations are easily accessible and, above all, reasonably priced from Salzburg. Salzburg offers the best connections to international hubs like Frankfurt, Vienna, Zurich, London, and Palma.

The airport has become an essential artery of life for commerce and tourism in Salzburg city and province. Reinstatement of scheduled traffic to the hub Zurich by Cirrus Airlines and Swiss Airlines is of particular significance.

In 2007, the total number of passengers handled was 1,946,422. This represents a rise of 3.6% compared to fiscal year 2006. In scheduled traffic, passenger volume rose by 6.5% to 1,186,874 passengers. In charter traffic, the total volume was 756,312 passengers. This roughly corresponds to last year’s volume.

Flight Movements
Total number of flight movements in scheduled and charter traffic rose moderately by 1.9% to 21,918. Of note, was even traffic distribution among weekdays which brought about the first step to lightening traffic on high frequency weekends. This is one of the results of efforts on the part the new airport management. The number of flight movements in scheduled traffic rose by 3.8% to 15,370; however in charter traffic there was a decrease of 3.4% to 5,690.

Maximum take-off weight

Revenue from flight traffic is basically determined by volume of maximum take-off weight (MTOW) in landing aircraft. MTOW rose in the reporting period by 3.7% to 614,991 tonnes (+7.9% scheduled flights, -3.3% charter flights).

Freight and Mail
Freight transported by aircraft increased by 4.9% to 7,895.5 tonnes including transshipping. Airfreight volume sank by 11% to 194.8 tonnes, transshipping increased by 5.4% to 7,700 tones. The volume transported air mail was slightly higher than one ton, or -28.4%.