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New Design for VIP-Lounge

24.11.2017: VIP-Lounge modernized to have the same design as the business lounge

On July 7th 2015 the first guests were welcomed to the newly opened business lounge at Salzburg Airport. There had been requests from airlines and passengers long before, but due to lack of space this project could not be realized earlier. In 2015 a few former office rooms were rebuilt and modernized in a friendly design, creating 80m² of space with 25 seats for business customers. Right next to the business lounge, there was the 30 year old VIP lounge, where Nowadays actors, politicians, aristocrats or athletes can enjoy special service and comfort while waiting for their departure.



“For many years we were quite satisfied with our VIP lounge, which was reserved for special guests. The 80s design is no longer up-to-date. Within a short rebuilding time, the VIP lounge was adapted to the design of the business lounge to create a special feel-good-atmosphere”, says the Managing Director of Salzburg Airport Services and the Deputy Manager of Salzburg Airport, Rudolf Lipold.


Since the VIP lounge was right next to the business lounge, it was clear that these facilities should be modernized in the same design. Within no more than 8 weeks, the re-building was completed. To allow business as usual in the lounge, most of the renovation work took place during the night. During its 30-year history, the VIP lounge was visited by popes, aristocrats, head of States, politicians, actors, athletes and even the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso.


Today the VIP lounge shines with a new look and the team of Salzburg Airport Services is looking forward to serving special customers in a modern, exclusive ambience that meets highest standards, while providing the usual high service quality.