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Forget about winter, fly south!

20.10.2017: To the Canary Islands and to Egypt - nonstop from Salzburg!

The booking numbers are showing: EGYPT is "back on track"

It takes a closer look to be able to "capture" Egypt. Hurghada extends from El Gouna in the North to Safaga in the Suth. The city on the Red Sea was turned into one of the most important Egyptian tourist centres by American, European and Arab investors during the 1980's.  


Visitors who would like to explore the country and people, in addition to enjoying their wellness holidays as well as an international cuisine, find a variety of opportunities in Egypt. Luxor, which is about 300 kilometres from Hurghada, is unquestionable the highlight of any journey to Egypt. The magnificent Valley of the Kings and Queen Nefertari´s tomb, the early deceased wife of King Ramses II, with its beautiful paintings are just a small part of all the amazing sights you will discover.


Mahmya, an island that can be reached by ship within 45 minutes, is a nature reserve offering white sand beaches and great snorkeling. Do you prefer to ride a camel through desert plains? Go on an exciting journey and explore the Egyptian desert on the back of a camel! If you prefer a car, we suggest that you should try a quad or jeep-tour through the sand dunes. An excursion to one of the Bedouin villages is definitely worthwhile. Enjoy a cup of Egyptian tea, some freshly baked pita bread or discover smoking a Shisha.


THE CANARY ISLANDS are only 260 kilometres linear distance from the Maroccan coast und offer mild temperatures all year round.

Gran Canaria not only offers beaches and bathing fun, but also a fascinating mountain world with deep canyons, which allows sports enthusiasts to plan an active holiday on the island. For those, who are more interested in culture and history, Grand Canaria will leave nothing to be desired.


Whether it be a visit to the world famous Loro Park, or a special bathing experience at Siam Park, a trip on a boat to go whale watching or a hike in Teide National Reserve, Tenerife, the biggest island of the Canary Islands, is the place to be.


Lanzarote on the other hand with its more than 300 volcanos is the "Island of Fire", a very special place! Breathtaking lava formations, black sand beaches contrasting with white houses and their green windows and doors and fantastic white sand beaches along a turquoise sea – Lanzarote is an island of contrasts! Timanfaya National Reserve with its spectacular landscape should be on every visitor´s bucket list.


Fuerteventura is located no more than 120 kilometres from the Maroccan coast and is the archipelago´s second largest island after Tenerife. Along the East coast you will find plenty of sand beaches. In the north there is a landscape of sand dunes as well as the offshore island Lobos. If you are interested in discovering the way of life of the inhabitants and old craftsmanship, Fuerteventura is worth a visit. The island is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts thanks to its constant wind conditions.


Direct flights from Salzburg


  • Lanzarote: with Flyniki every Monday
  • Gran Canaria: with Flyniki every Sunday
  • Fuerteventura: with Flyniki every Monday
  • Tenerife: with Flyniki every Friday
  • Hurghada: with Flyniki and Eurowings on Thursday and Sunday