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Family bloggers visit Airport

27.11.2017: Airport is side scene of first Austrian family-bloggers´ meeting/ 60 guests at the airport for the first family-bloggers´ brunch/ blogger-scene gives families a stronger voice

The meeting of the first family bloggers´ event at the Salzburger toy museum (Salzburger Spielzeugmuseum) last Saturday, shows how important the blogger scene has become.



More than 50 participants attended the informal summit in Salzburg. Before meeting for a lively professional exchange, numerous bloggers accepted the airport´s invitation to enjoy a lengthy brunch.


About 30 bloggers and their children met in the check-in hall of Salzburg Airport on Saturday morning to take a look behind the scenes of Austria´s largest regional airport.


Apart from the highlights of the guided tour, such as the police helicopter, the company´s own fire department or the classic plane DC-3, the bloggers were especially interested in the operating processes at the airport. Many questions were asked, for instance what to consider, in order to pass through security control as smoothly as possible with children, hand luggage and necessary liquids. In addition, the bloggers took interest in terms of transportation of different airlines, the medical service at the airport as well as where to find diaper-changing rooms and play areas for children.


More than 130 family blogs in Austria generate more than 4 million clicks on Austrian family weblogs.