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British Airways increases number of flights to London Heathrow

10.07.2017: More BA-flights from Salzburg to London Heathrow/ long-haul flights without airport-change/ inexpensive European flights with British Airways via Heathrow / besides British Airways, Eurowings heads for Heathrow as well

Oneworld-partner, British Airways, is reacting to the great demand of the British market and is increasing the number of flights to London for next winter. Beside the flight connection to London Gatwick, which has been operating from the start, British Airways is now strengthening London Heathrow, which allows passengers to reach a great number of destinations worldwide within the British Airways- route network.

But Gatwick airport also offers passengers  the possibility of reaching New York JFK, Bermuda, Bridgetown, Mauritius, Jersey or Malaga for instance, without changing airports. British Airways has been a loyal business partner to Salzburg airport for many years and does not only bring British tourists to Salzburg and the region of Salzburg for skiing, but also offers passengers to reach a broad number of destinations all over the world via Heathrow and Gatwick.


In addition, BA will fly from Manchester to Salzburg once a week during winter season.


British Airways increases number of flights to London HeathrowBritish Airways increases number of flights to London Heathrow


London Heathrow
4 weekly flights: Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 27th of Nov until the 23rd of March 2017; instead of 2 weekly flights the previous winter


1 weekly flight (Saturday) from Manchester to Salzburg next winter.


London Gatwick
10 weekly flights. So BA is offering up to 15 scheduled flights a week from Salzburg to London next winter.


 Short-haul and medium-haul flights
Passengers can easily reach several European and other short- and medium-haul flights via London Heathrow, among them being Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Nice, Belfast, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Aberdeen, Leeds Bradford, New Castle, Shannon, Moscow, Helsinki, Copenhagen or Stockholm. Comparing prices absolutely pays, since flights to London can often be booked at attractive prices.


Long-haul destinations
A short flight from Salzburg to London, short connections at Heathrow and disembarking your plane in the USA (New York, Boston), Australia (Sydney), Singapur, People´s Republic of China (Hongkong), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Argentina (Buenos Aires), South Africa (Capetown, Johannesburg), India (New Delhi, Bombay), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), United Arab Emirates (Dubai) or Angola (Luanda).  If you would like to continue for New Zealand  (Auckland via HKG), Australia (Melbourne and Perth via Singapur), South Africa (Durban and Windhoek via Johannesburg), or Zimbabwe (Harare via Johannesburg), this will require changing planes once more at the above mentioned airports. Of course, in addition a great number of destinations can be travelled to with all Oneworld-codeshare-partners. 


Short historical overview of British Airways in Salzburg

More than 50 years ago…
Scheduled  flights by BEA, a predecessor flight company of today´s British Airways, have a long history in Salzburg: The first flight from London to Salzburg by BEA was operated with a DC-3 on April 22nd 1955. Only days after the start-up of the new runway 16/34,  the BEA Viscount resumed flights from London to Salzburg on July 1st 1960. On November 18th 1963 the flight connection was changed to the rotation London- Munich-Salzburg and a bigger aircraft, a Vickers Vanguard, was used as well as a BAC111. The most prominent passengers of that time were the Beatles who arrived in Salzburg on March 13th 1965 (Vickers Vanguard) as well as the King and Queen of England on Mai 10th 1969.


Codeshare flight
In a quite successful cooperation, British Airways and Austrian Airlines operated between Salzburg and London Heathrow at midday using a DC9-32, DC9-51 and a MD81. This flight connection, which was flown five times a week, was finally taken over by Lauda Air´s Candair Regional Jets. In 1998 Lauda Air quit operating scheduled  flights to Salzburg.


Between Novembre 19th 1999 and the beginning of 2001, British Airways operated from Salzburg to London Gatwick four times a week, using a Boeing 737 with 141 seats. The first flight happened to take place with heavy snowfalls and low temperatures. On board was Carl Michel, Commercial Director of British Airways, who was directed to Hangar 2, which had been converted  at short notice for the welcome ceremony. Britsh Airways´representatives agreed , when cutting the red ribbon, that this was the ideal weather for a successful winter sport season in the region of Salzburg.