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Airport´s Bus Advertisement received Award again

05.12.2017: Second place at the Award “Bus of the Year”/ Message “Fly from Salzburg effective/ bus advertisement works like a business card for the airport

It was not the first time that the airport´s bus advertisement was awarded. Buses offer extraordinary mobile advertising space and – at the same time - work as a business card for the company. Creative elements guarantee attention. This year – once again – the presentation “Bus of the Year” ended with an award for Salzburg Airport.



“I would like to thank all participants and everyone who voted for the airport. Together with our advertising agency, COCO, we had the ideal  partner for the creative implementation of our message “Fly from Salzburg”. Cheerful people, faces full of expectation, pure happiness. That is Salzburg Airport! The advertisement is supposed to make people curious to learn more, to awaken their desire for holidays and invite them to dream”, rejoices Isabella Laimer, Marketing Manager Salzburg Airport.


The message, conveyed by the appealing advert on the airport-bus, which has been driving through the city of Salzburg for several months, is simple: get on board and Fly from Salzburg! The advertisement was realized by Progress Werbung: a bus which looks like an airplane, passengers, a stewardess in red, luggage racks that can be seen via x-ray vision and the simple, but effective message on the bus: Fly from Salzburg!