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BBFS - Citizens' Council Salzburg Airport

BBFS - Citizens' Council Salzburg AirportBBFS - Citizens' Council Salzburg Airport
Since 30 June 2014 Salzburg Airport has a Citizens' Council named BBFS (BürgerInnenbeirat Flughafen Salzburg).


Composition and Tasks

The members of the Citizens' Council  Salzburg Airport (BBFS) consist of representatives of the surrounding communities in Salzburg and Bavaria, the "Protection Association Salzburg Airport" and "Protection Association Rupertiwinkel", the owners of Salzburg state and city, airlines, Austro Control and the Salzburg Airport.
The BBFS is professionally accompanied by a moderation team from Switzerland. Proposals and recommendations of the BBFS must be handled by the Management Board of Salzburg Airport and decisions are to return promptly to the body.


Defined Targets

The declared aim of the work of BBFS is that Salzburg Airport is operated by a concept that considers balanced interests of all parties concerned and that is acceptable to the affected population and the environment.
The results of the work of the BBFS will be reported by the members to each sending organization.