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Traveling with Pets

Traveling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU pet passport available from any vet. All cats and dogs must have a passport containing details of a valid rabies vaccination.


Traveling with PetsTraveling with Pets
An animal has to be identified by an electronic microchip.


Information on travelling with pets in the EU

Veterinary conditions regarding entry and re-entry of pets from third countries into Austria



It is important to contact your airline or travel agency to ask about special regulations or other details. All pets must have the European Pet Passport.

When booking a flight, please inform your travel agency that you intend to take along an animal. Not every airline accepts air entrainment of animals! The pet has to be booked as well. Some airline will not allow for example small rodents (rabbits, chinchillas etc.). Certain countries require additional special documents for the animal (health certificate, anti-rabies inoculation). 

Pets with no more than 5 kilos (in an impervious and air-permeable box) may travel in the cabin. Pets with more then 5 kg must travel in the hold, whereby the passenger has to provide the required box for the transportation. In general there are special fees for the animals.

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